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Address: Dooky Chase Foundation, P.O. Box 791313 New Orleans, LA 70179
Phone: 205/283-6005

Grant Guidelines

We discourage unsolicited proposals, and very few are funded.
We cannot respond to all requests due to the volume of concept letters received.
We will contact you only if the concept letter is under consideration.

The following requests are not related to concept letters for education programs, and therefore cannot be considered by Dooky Chase Foundation and will not receive a response:
  • Personal appearance requests for Chef Leah Chase
  • Autograph or letter of support requests for Chef Leah Chase
  • Requests for personal financial assistance and/or scholarships for individuals
  • In-kind donations of 200+ food servings for fundraising or charity events
  • Request of Dooky Chase‚Äôs Restaurant services

Grant consideration is limited to:

  • Organizations with 501(c)3 status
  • Organizations that operate in Louisiana
    Requests from outside of these geographic areas are not eligible for consideration, and will not receive a response.
  • Organizations that do not discriminate by race, religion, sex, age or national origin
Grant requests are not accepted via e-mail. If your organization falls within our criteria listed above, please mail a request for proposal no longer than three pages to:

Dooky Chase Foundation P.O. Box 791313 New Orleans, LA 70179

If your request for proposal is eligible for consideration, you will be contacted with further grant application instructions and criteria.

Dooky Chase Foundation